Welcome to the GIMS Group International website!

This page contains aged care resources and information for the management of care for older adults, especially with dementia. We at the GIMS Group International can help you prepare to deliver quality dementia care.

We help families and caregivers acquire specialized knowledge and skills to be more productive and deliver a higher quality of care.

Through the following:

• DEMENTIA CARE BOOKS (Dementia Care Introduction, Dementia Care Practice, Dementia Care Management.

• TRAININGS in cooperation with our partner associations

• INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATES through Dementia Care Expert Examination

Our high-quality training features:

• Practical program that develops essential skills for all types of care providers through live participation.

• Uses multimedia interaction with realistic film clips paired with our carefully researched publications that contain up-to-date information and case studies that provide caregivers easy understanding of all types of dementia during discussions.

• Seminars and fora that foster awareness and practical strategies for all stages of dementia care with credible speakers from the dementia care community local and international.

• Offers certificate of International affiliation, The Dementia Care Expert Examination (DCE) to all participants. – DCE is an Asian standard certification enforced in 2016 and will become an international standard in the future for dementia care.

• Ensures continuous updates and guidance through our partner organizations the IFDC and our publications that give relevant gerontic issues and geriatric care information.

• Promotes better network link to the international society for dementia care continuum.