Difference Between Dementia Care Certificate and a DCE Certification

What is the difference between a dementia care certificate and a DCE Certification?

A dementia care certificate typically indicates attendance or completion of a course or series of courses, trainings, or seminars with a focus on aged care or dementia care. Any group or organization can offer certificates from their trainings, courses, and seminars and the result demonstrates knowledge of content at the end of a specific period of time.

DCE Certification, on the other hand, includes an experience and/or education component and REQUIRES passing the DCE Exam. It allows a practitioner to put suffix after his or her name (DCS-1 for being certified as a Certified Dementia Care Specialist-1 or DCE-1 for Certified Dementia Care Expert-1 as certified by the IFDC). In addition, DCE certification requires renewal of certification, which ensures that DCS-1 or DCE-1 stay current in their field through continuing education.

Therefore a DCE certification has no number of hours, unlike a dementia care certificate, as it is not a training or a seminar but a certification of one’s expertise and achievement.