About Us

Our Approach

  • We help organizations to be more productive and deliver higher quality elderly care services through partnership. 
  • Help design practical programs that will develop essential skills for all types of care providers. 
  • Publish carefully researched publications that contains up to date information and case studies that provides caregivers easy understanding of all types of dementia.
  • Provide support system to our partner organization in their activities’ planning and implementation processes. 
  • Supports the International Federation for Dementia Care or IFDC in promoting the Asian standard for dementia care.
  • Ensures continuous updates on relevant activities from IFDC to our partner organization. 
  • Bridges better network link to the international society for dementia care continuum.

GIMS Int’l Japan | GIMS Philippines | GIMS Taiwan | GIMS Indonesia | Elderly Inform’n Center S. Korea


4 S. Rizal Street 1109 Masagana, Project 4 Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines.

TEL: (02) 359-7097, MOBILE: 0925 892 2583 / 0917 712 9718
Hours: 10:00 to 17:00 / Mon-Fri (excluding holidays)

Date Established: 12/10/2014

Jill Baleje Arsenal

2013 – 2018 Business Development Manager 2018 – President | Country Manager Working since August 6, 2013

Cidrick Deleon Bartolome

2013 – 2014 Consultant 2014 – 2018 Project Manager Working since 2013