DCE arose from the burgeoning number of the elderly population in Japan that needs skilled care professionals to take care of them.

The need to hire competent and qualified care givers with an assurance that these professionals know the intricacies of care and to ensure better quality care in a transcultural setting and protection of the care giver as well, led to the creation of the Dementia Care Expert Examination DCE in order to be certified as an expert for dementia care.

Get DCE (Dementia Care Expert) Examination and be certified.

DCE examination is a prerequisite to get an internationally valid certificate provided by the International Federation for Dementia Care. It is for care professionals who wants to establish their competence in elderly care specifically elderlies with dementia. Certified carers gets an edge, since many international care facilities require certification as proof of proficiency. Certifications helps facility owners make better-informed decisions when hiring effective care staffs.

Take the examination to get certified and enjoy better chances of getting greater promotional opportunities in the work place.

Examination schedule will be posted on our website.