GIMS is a conglomerate of a global network with its head office located in Tokyo, Japan. GIMS in the Philippines serves as the secretariat of member organizations of the International Federation for Dementia Care (IFDC) in the country and in select countries within the Southeast Asia. It aims to help families and caregivers acquire specialized knowledge and skills to be more productive and deliver a higher quality of care through publishing dementia care books, providing training in cooperation with our partner associations, and promoting International Certification in dementia care through the Dementia Care Expert Examination. 

GIMS strongly upholds the vision of the IFDC of an improved quality of life for elderly people with dementia by furthering its mission of promoting the standardization of dementia care to all organizations involved in aged and dementia care through the Dementia Care Expert Certification, an Asian standard certification that was pioneered in Japan since 2005 and will become an international standard in the future for dementia care. 

We at GIMS also promote better network link to the international society for dementia care continuum by partnering with same-minded organizations that have the same aspirations of a society that pays much attention to the welfare of elderly people with dementia and to the aged population in general. These partnerships pave the way to continuous updates, knowledge exchange, and programs and projects that are all beneficial for our cause. With the guidance of our partner organizations, the IFDC and our publications, we give relevant gerontic issues and geriatric care information to all stakeholders in the fields of aged care and dementia care.