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Dementia Care Books

 A reliable guide that helps both family members and professional caregivers to perform effective elderly care. Dementia Care Introduction, Dementia Care Practice, and Dementia Care Management are packed with an extensive range of topics in a clear, easy-to-understand, and practical approach. The authors are leading experts for elderly care in Japan. The great value of these books is that it empowers the reader with knowledge and allow them to make personal choices for each circumstance and situation.

Dementia Care Introduction

An excellent guide for health professionals and family members that provides a basic understanding of dementia and how to recognize and deal with persons afflicted by it. This book echoes patients suffering, therefore the reader can learn the practical techniques of care while maintaining and empowering older persons to continue to be self-reliant and productive despite the limitations and difficulties in communication. This book also encourages positive communication skills and respect for the elderly rights

Dementia Care Practice

Caring for someone with dementia tags with difficult challenges. At times situations can be frustrating. This book offers to individualize approach to deliver effective care, focusing on the person’s needs with the right principle and reinforcement of care, assistance, and treatment which matters most to the person, his/her family, and the care provider.

Dementia Care Management

A concise guide for medical professionals that outlines a better understanding of the elderly persons’ physical symptoms to give a better diagnosis. Illustrates practical steps to take when dealing with the patient’s behavioral and psychological symptoms. This book also highlights medical and non-medical treatments, and palliative care information as well.

Practical Course for Dementia Care Basics

This book is produced for general practitioners to understand the clinical image of dementia and Alzheimer’s as well. This can be a tool to provide a deeper understanding of important issues on how to do effective diagnosis. This book was made possible through a project of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan to promote health for the elderly in 2004.